Focusing on the Owl

He’d been sitting there for twenty minutes, tooting at the young Red-tailed Hawk soaring over head. The hawk was attempting to mind its business, but two Common Ravens were relentlessly…


Thor’s Cabbage Rolls.  cryptofwrestling:

Thor’s Cabbage Rolls. 


Thor’s Cabbage Rolls. 

Natasha VC: The Bird as Symbol in Current Culture

I appreciate the overall message, but Natasha you ain’t know shit about birds. Even if you aren’t being literal.  Birds bleed, raise their young tenderly, they can tear shit apart just as well as a mammal.  And they are warm blooded you dumbshit.  I know, I know - not the point of this at all, but your comparisons are very silly.  You should respect birds.


I first noticed the bird motif on the pro-ana sites. Girls described wanting to have bird bones, to be feather thin, ‘become frail’, to be light as air, be delicate, small, like a shimmering, (starving) sparrow.

The bird lust has seeped into other facets of culture, fashion…

Pak Thale and Spoon-billed Sandpipers

Sometimes I question my sanity. Here I was, halfway around the world, standing next to fields of salt. I wasn’t lost, I intended on arriving here at some point. But did I really need to…

Doi Suthep and the First Steps in Tropical Asian Birding

Culture shock can come in many forms. I’ve been struggling with something people keep repeating here: “they eat all the animals.” Deciphering whether this is Western racism or simple…

Bangkok to Chaing Mai

“I wish our common birds were ridiculously colorful.”

Ryan, Scott, and I were eating a “breakfast” of Pad Thai in Chaing Mai, on plastic seats in a street stall facing the river Pai….


BLU on yay!everyday

BLU on yay!everyday

Interview: Ben Freeman and a Spine of Papua Biodiversity Pt. 2

Brendan McGarry: I’m guessing that you were working hard for a short period of time and that was about it – did you have any time for recreating or was it just eat, sleep, work?


Interview: Ben Freeman and a Spine of Papua Biodiversity Pt. 1

Just in case you didn’t snicker enough in the last interview that my initials are BM, here’s another, equally fascinating and envy inspiring conversation. A benefit of starting out young…